Recent lifestyle pics.

Johann (@bigoltm ) on his way to south France ?? took some downhill pit stop in the mountain ?
#addictshredders #shredgnar #blacksmith deck
Designed by Johann (@bigoltm ) and prototyped almost 5 years ago, Blacksmith deck was one of the first 5 wide, unique in his category and was not following any trends. #keepitreal
What do you guys think about it ?
#blacksmithdeck ? : courtesy of @kickscootershop
B-James classic backlip flick. 
#addictshredders #blacksmithdeck
Yup..its right, this is a fresh picture of @alexpeasley riding !
?His #blacksmith sig deck is now available ! ?
Brandon (@brandon_j4mes ) painted  his Peasley Blacksmith deck in black ? 
If you are also cutsomizing your Addict deck, send us a picture in DM !
#paintitup #blacksmithdeck
For all the pirates, the Blacksmith @alexpeasley sig is also available ! ?
#blacksmithdeck #addictshredders #shredgnar
Johann (@bigoltm ) sending a Frontboard on a typical old Parisian rail next to the Seine with his #Blacksmithdeck ! ?NOW AVAILABLE !
? : @__ggomez
#addictshredders #shredgnar
Lucas (@lcsdmglio ) did some insta stories at his local and we received this meme from @boneless____ like literraly 30seconds after we posted it so we had to share hahaha ??
#thatface #sorrylucas #scootmeme #truefact
Couple weeks ago we announced Brandon entry in the fam, as you know Addict is all about brotherhood and love for the sport so we are honored to welcome Brad Ackermann @brackermann_ ) in the Addict crew !
Stay tuned for more news !
We are happy to announce that Blacksmith decks order have been shipped out to shops near you ? !
Share the picture to let your friends know its finally out ! ?
@addictscootering #addictshredders
Congrats to @strgang who did 2nd place at the Rotterdam street jam and went away with one of the first Johanns SIG  #Blacksmithdeck !! ??
And big shot out to @lcsdmglio who killed it again and won the Jam ! ??
#addictshredders #shredgnar
First of all we would like to apologize to all of you as we had delay. The first batch of #Blacksmithdeck is on its way to our warehouse. ?
We also would like to thanks all of you, fans, lovers, followers, riders and chillers, friends, homies, family, haters for all the support we had from you past years.
The entire Addict Fam and specially myself will never forget. 
We will keep you updated as soon as we got the decks and other products in house ! Stay Tuned !
-Johann (@bigoltm) and the Addict Crew
Designed and produced back in 2009, we believe that Addict OG Grips are the most comfortable grips ever made for the scooter industry. ??
What do you guys think about our Original Grips ?
#OGgrips #OriginalGangstersGrips #OriGinalGrips #Originaldesign #since2009 #addictshredders ?: @skatepro