Recent lifestyle pics.

Tobias (@2beersmayer ??) just received the first sample of his #blacksmithdeck signature..
? I guess you all know what it means!!????
#blacksmithdeck #addictshredders
Much love to  Patrick Jönsson @anteriuslatus from Denmark ??! After all those years he is still repping the real s**t! ?
Today another beast from New Jersey is officially joining the fam! ??
?Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Trevor Pritchard (@trvrptchrd ??) ????
#addictshredders #keepitcleankeepitreal
Underground Eastcoaster Zackery Clark (@warloxlime ??) is a @scooyork_ ghost rider from New Jersey. If you are not from the east coast you probably never heard of him, we did and be sure he will show what's up ?
Welcome to the fam G!
#eastcoasters #addictshredders #scooyork
Daniel Rey (@manta.rey ??) received two @alexpeasley #blacksmithdeck and some freshies couple days ago ?
?His welcome edit should drop sometime this summer ??
Keep your eyes peeled ?
Being unique is what Addict is about. In that way we are honored to welcome Daniel Rey (@manta.rey ??) from Grover Beach, CA in the fam! ????
We felt that it was time to build a new and strong crew in the states. First American family members to be announced Keaton Saunders (@ratsalads ??) is fighting like us to see the wild side of scootering in the light. Passionated underdog, he deeply deserves it and we are so glad to have him with us! Let's make it roll baby!!
? Much love to @cooobey for this lovely picture ?
Tobias Mayer Blacksmith signature will soon be available! ??
If you are as hyped as we are please spam the comments with @2beersmayer own emoji ????????????and lets get instagram d***k!!!
Wildness, speed, creativity, Andris Balto Kvien (@andrisbaltokvien ??) is just a savage and we are honored to see him joining the fam! ???
Check out tobias (@2beersmayer ??) set-up!! Hes gonna be ripping his sig deck soon so keep youre eyes open? #addictscootering #addictscooters #addictshredders #eaglesupply
Whos ready for Tobias (@2beersmayer ??) sigiture deck?! Tag your hommies ? #addictscootering #addictshredders
Mathias (@mathiasholsttt ??) New video link in BIO!!? ? #addictscootering #addictscooters #eaglesupply #eaglesupplyteam
Finally a real scooter company at ISPO. ?