Recent lifestyle pics.

Our headset is now available! 
#hazeset #addictscooters
? : @mathieu_mck
Crazy paint job by @croissantman ! ?
If you guys are also painting your Addict part, send us the picture we will be happy to share it !
Did you know that our Addict Shield clamp is HIC Compatible ? 
It also includes switchable steel insert ?
Already available at your local shop ?
#addictshredders #shieldclamp
Addict Hazeset are now available !
Get one to grind your brain out ! ??
#addicthazeset ? : @devilbikes ?
Repost from @thevaultproscooters ? Addict is available over at their shop ???? #addictscootering #addictscooters #thevault #thevaultproscooters #addictshredders
@Alexpeasley enjoying the garbage left around the park? Never limit yourself to whats made, get gnarly, get creative ???? Air-out to Lip Slide ?by: @hfxbeard  #addictscooteting #addictshredders #diy #eaglesupply #alexpeasley
The latest guess game was not much of a guess game.
So here it is ! 
We are proud to welcome the up and coming shredder @lindgrenleon in the Addict fam !
His welcome edit should be online sometime this winter !
#addictshredders #shredgn
Addict Homie @xhomelessx getting Addicted for life. He has been supporting us since day one and knows Addict means much more than a Scooter company. Much respect and love for doing that bruv ???
Today is our boy Brithday ! 
Happy Bday to one of the reallest G in the industry !
A new family member will be announced by the end of the week. He is young, he is from Europe and he shreds.
Let's play the guess game again !
#addictyoungbloods #shredgnar
Johann (@bigoltm ) on his way to south France ?? took some downhill pit stop in the mountain ?
#addictshredders #shredgnar #blacksmith deck