andris - jinsang

June 15, 2018

Chill minute of Andris Balto Kvien at Skur13 and Arena Bekkestua in Norway.

Song : Tunnel vision - Jinsang

Filmer : Bjorn Lillegraven

johann moreau - parktage & leftovers

June 15, 2018

Johann, Addict founder, designer and much more just turned 30 and is still pushing.

Edited with some footage he found on his computer or recently filmed.

Thank to all the home behind the lens (Lucas, Louis, Marvin, Kenny, Thomas, Killian...)

Song : Electric Wizzard - Mountain ofs Mars

mathias ''tiger'' holst - copenhagen 2017

June 15, 2018

Tiger in Copenhagen.

"I would like to thank the boys in Copenhagen for taking care of me the six months I have lived there. I've had a great time and could not have finished the part without their help."

- Mathias Holst

Filmers : Hugo Svare, Luis Oppel, Johan Grunwald

Music : DJ Assault - Sex on the Beach