shredder: johann moreau

johann moreau
johann moreau

johann moreau

A.K.A. big ol'tm

DOB 4 feb 1988

AGE 30

HEIGHT 1.75m

RIDES eagle, addict

johann moreau - parktage & leftovers

June 15, 2018

Johann, Addict founder, designer and much more just turned 30 and is still pushing.

Edited with some footage he found on his computer or recently filmed.

Thank to all the home behind the lens (Lucas, Louis, Marvin, Kenny, Thomas, Killian...)

Song : Electric Wizzard - Mountain ofs Mars

lucas di meglio welcome edit

June 15, 2018

We are proud to officialy welcome Lucas Di Meglio in the Addict Crew !

Music : Fuzz - Loose Sutures

Filmers :Johann Moreau, Mathieu Florent, Louis Margerin, Didine Terchague, Maxime Bouzid, Thomas Guelin, Paul Crinket, Theo Detroit, Clement Jau, Theo Bertrand, Nicolas Ferreira, Theo Mochet...sorry for the one we forgot !

marvin erse x johann moreau

June 4, 2014
Filmed by Marvin Erse, Johann Moreau, Benjamin Friant, Alexis Cuvillier, Sebastien Prot. Edited by Johann Moreau Music : Alpha 5.20 ft. Iron Sy - Mon crack Eagle, Simply the best wheels.

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