shredder: mathias holst

mathias holst
mathias holst

mathias holst

A.K.A. tiger

DOB 31 oct 1996

AGE 22

HEIGHT 1.75m


RIDES eagle, addict

mathias ''tiger'' holst - copenhagen 2017

June 15, 2018

Tiger in Copenhagen.

"I would like to thank the boys in Copenhagen for taking care of me the six months I have lived there. I've had a great time and could not have finished the part without their help."

- Mathias Holst

Filmers : Hugo Svare, Luis Oppel, Johan Grunwald

Music : DJ Assault - Sex on the Beach


October 30, 2014

hal paris

October 30, 2014
Filmed by J.Moreau Edited by Mathias Holst Song : Rest in Piss - Brotha Lynch Hung Filmed in the Skatepark of Rambouillet, France.

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