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Back in the early age of scootering, we felt that a lot more could be done to connect the neck and the plate. We decided that simply turning old school foldable scooters into one piece was the easiest but not necessarily the best solution. Since the development of the Original Addict deck in 2008, we have been using the same deck/neck structure and connection using AF-Tech. Through the years, our neck shape has become the most copied on the market. Keeping the inner walls of the deck extrusion straight would completely cancel out the benefits of the neck structure.


AF-Tech has been developed to dissipate the forces and stress generated by the impact that occurs during landings. When you land your trick, part of the stress and forces generated will be absorbed by yourself and your scooter. It’s a team effort. Your handle bars will absorb what they can and will pass the rest to the compression system, the neck and the fork. Meanwhile, your body will generate a huge force on the deck extrusion plate. With AF-Tech, the neck is welded just on top of the deck, following the same angle-alignment of the deck extrusion inner walls. The arch created by the structure helps to guide the stress dissipation, which provides just enough flexibility to absorb most of the shock generated by the impact.


The OG deck was known round the world for being the most comfortable of its time. Because of AF-Tech, it could be ridden with 8+ cracks before finally giving up. Necks are a major issue in the scooter industry. A broken scooter neck can easily break your neck. While we all agree that breaking the plate is safer and that bending it can happen with nothing more than a very heavy landing. The BS-1 already has a long journey behind the scene. As a street based brand, longevity and safety are some of our main goals during product development. With passion, love, years of experience inside factories, the constant feedback from the Addict Fam and fans and the thousands of hours spent studying and designing. The Blacksmith is a gem, designed to match the final properties of aluminium.


Your scooter is more or less acting like a rigid damper. The perfect balance between flexibility and strength gives more pop and makes landings softer. Beside that, the deck itself will shape and adapt to your own riding style and position which truly makes every Addict deck your very own. Also with the AF-Tech we don’t need to weld under the deck plate, we think the fewer welds the better, and that having welds on sliding-grinding areas is not safe.